Technical Support

Good supplier-customer relationship depends on several key factors, and quality of polymers is certainly one of them. However, a great customer service package also has to be mentioned in this respect. An integral part of our service package is the team of polymer engineers known as Technical Service, who undoubtedly play a vital role in satisfying our customers' needs. 

Polymer Technical Service specialists are located in two places – Bratislava and Tiszaújváros – where they can be close to polymer production and to the other polymer experts of the company. However, our PP & PE experts operate also “in the field” and they are responsible to be in direct contact with polymer converters all over Europe. They deal with technical issues and troubles connected with our polymers, participate in industrial testing and processing, and bring solutions to our customers. They monitor our customers' technical requirements and contribute to the development and innovation of our product portfolio in harmony with market trends and company strategies.

Work and activities of the “field„ engineers would not be smooth without great support of their office colleagues working as an administrative and laboratory support. 
Another key activity falling within the tasks of the Technical Service team is preparation of technical documentation, provision of technical support on polymer fairs, preparation of product portfolio related articles and presentations, trainings for sales managers, etc.

Ask our dynamic and youthful experts who are open-minded, flexible, and motivated to offer innovative solutions for you, and characterised by constant renewal directly or contact them

  • In Hungary
    +36 49 521 540
    +36 49 522 607
  • In Slovakia 
    + 421 2 5859 7250 
    + 421 2 5859 7257 



MOL Logistics organizes transports for polymer and monomer products from Tiszaújváros and Bratislava to various destinations as follows:

  • Road transportation
    • FTL (Full Truck Load) transports with tautliner trucks
    • LTL (Less Than Truckload) transports
    • Bulk road transports with silo trucks
  • Intermodal transportation
    • Sea container transports (FTL -Full Truck Load- in 20’ and 40’ container)
    • Dry bulk container transports (30’)
    • Covered wagon transports by rail
  • Rail Tank Car transportation
  • LTL (Less Than Truckload) Sea and air transportation

Before you start your own vehicle to our sites, please read the information below carefully to complete loading without any problems


Pellets are packed in 25 kg PE-LD bags and transported on stretch-wrapped pallets at a load of polymer of 1375 kg. We use adhesive between the bags to avoid their slipping. Pay attention to this fact during the removing of the bags from the pallets.
The preferred method is to lift the bag at first without rotation. Heat treated pallets are available as well. Transportation in a road silo or rail silo is also available.
For more detailed information please contact our sales representatives. Since polyethylene is a combustible substance, the fire safety rules applicable for combustible materials in warehouses and storerooms should be observed. If polymer is stored in conditions of high humidity and fluctuating temperatures, then atmospheric moisture can condense inside the packing. If it happens, it is recommended the pellets to be dried before use. During storage polyethylene should not be exposed to UV radiation and temperatures above 40° C.
The producer does not take responsibility for any damages caused by adverse storage.

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