Building & Construction - Electricity

Plastics are used in all forms in the building and construction industry for a wide and growing range of applications including insulation, piping, roofing and flooring systems, cables, and much more. Attributes such as high mechanical strength, lightweight, ease of installation, and energy efficiency are driving their usage in this industry. Their growth is also supported by the unique features of plastic, including, durability, effective insulation, anti-corrosion, and good hygienic properties.
Plastics used in road construction are typically blow-molded materials suitable for the production of safety barriers, traffic cones, and plastic milestones.
The electric industry is applying polymers mainly for the production of insulators, cable protection tubes, lamps, switcher or plug components, or fuse houses. We can offer several HDPE and PP grades of good quality for these applications.

End-product Application Type Modality/Type Product name Melt Flow Rate (MFR)
g/10 min*
kg/m3, (23°C)
Insulator (for electricity) PP PP homo TIPPLEN H 145 F 29 900
PP PP homo TIPPLEN H 583 F 4.2 900
PP PP impact copo TIPPLEN K 395 A 13 900
Wire and cable protecting pipes HDPE bimodal TIPELIN 6000B 0.30 958
HDPE bimodal TIPELIN 6300B 0.30 954
HDPE bimodal TIPELIN 6301B 0.30 954
HDPE bimodal TIPELIN 7111S 0.12 949
HDPE bimodal TIPELIN 7700M 0.06 948
HDPE unimodal TIPELIN BS 501-17 0.18 950
PP PP impact copo TIPPLEN K 691 1.3 900
PP PP impact copo TIPPLEN K 693 2.0 900
PP PP impact copo TIPPLEN K 793 0.70 900
* g/10 min (in case of LDPE and HDPE at 190 °C and 2.16 kg, in case of PP at 230 °C and 2.16 kg)

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