Building & Construction - Road construction

Plastics are used in all forms in the building and construction industry for a wide and growing range of applications including insulation, piping, roofing and flooring systems, cables, and much more. Attributes such as high mechanical strength, lightweight, ease of installation, and energy efficiency are driving their usage in this industry. Their growth is also supported by the unique features of plastic, including, durability, effective insulation, anti-corrosion, and good hygienic properties. 
Well-established applications for MOL HD, LD and PP polymers in the public utilities sector include various non-pressure, corrugated and protection pipes, fittings, inner layers for pipes and reservoirs, as well as geotextiles, geomembranes, water separator sheets, and sewage containers.
Plastics used in road construction are typically blow-molded materials suitable for the production of safety barriers, traffic cones, and plastic milestones. 

End-product Application Type Modality/Type Product name Melt Flow Rate (MFR)
g/10 min*
kg/m3, (23°C)
Geomembrane PP PP homo TATREN HT 25 11 25 900
HDPE unimodal TIPELIN FA 381-10 0.28 938
HDPE unimodal TIPELIN FS 383-03 0.18 938
Geotextile PP PP homo TATREN HT 25 11 25 900
PP PP homo TATREN HT 3 06 3.0 900
PP PP homo TIPPLEN H 583 F 4.2 900
Traffic control buoys HDPE bimodal TIPELIN 7300B 0.10 954
HDPE unimodal TIPELIN BA 550-13 0.35 954
* g/10 min (in case of LDPE and HDPE at 190 °C and 2.16 kg, in case of PP at 230 °C and 2.16 kg)

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