Sustainability. Innovation. Collaboration.

MOL Group successfully demonstrated its forward-looking approach during the recent K-Show in Düsseldorf. Our open and bright booth emphasised the sustainability, innovation and collaboration values in its design and application displays during the eight days of the trade fair. Current and potential business partners were able to gain insights into the benefits of MOL Group’s strategic partnerships with German APK and Aurora GmbH, which offer us new opportunities in sustainability and the circular economy. Via collaboration with machinery producers, MOL gave on-the-spot demonstrations of the excellent optical and mechanical properties of the end-products produced from MOL resins. During the fair our sales team presented MOL Group’s new products and partnerships to hundreds of visitors and outlined our business plans for 2020. One of the most important attractions on display at the MOL booth was the recently launched polypropylene random copolymer grade TIPPLEN R 665 XClear. This product is a real breakthrough in terms of optical properties for cosmetics bottles made of PP and customer reactions at the K-Show were very promising. All in all we can clearly state that K-Show 2019 was one of MOL Group’s most successful trade show participations in recent years.

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