MOL Group paves the way to becoming a key player in circular economy in CEE with the new partnership with PRS

Petrochemical producer MOL Group has signed a strategic supply chain partnership with PRS, a leading supplier of sustainable wooden pallets to the polymer and petrochemical industry. PRS, a subsidiary of the Faber Halbertsma Group, operates a pooling system which repatriates, repairs and reuses pallets as part of a perpetual cycle.

MOL Group paves the way to becoming a key player in circular economy in CEE with the new partnership with PRS

The partnership will ensure the deliveries of packaged polyethylene (PE), and polypropylene (PP) from MOL Petrochemicals in Tiszaújváros, Hungary and SLOVNAFT in Bratislava, Slovakia sites are on pooled re-usable pallets, creating a seamless and more environmental-friendly logistics process that involves the retrieval, repair and recycling of pallets – a circular movement of hundreds of thousands of sustainable wooden pallets. Compared to the previous one-way pallet model, the circular model saves up to 54,000 mature trees from being cut every year. As such, this partnership is fully in line with MOL Group’s long-term “Shape Tomorrow” Strategy 2030+ for both optimizing the efficiencies of the supply chain and reducing the company’s carbon footprint, as well as becoming the key player in the circular economy in Central and Eastern Europe.

“Within the partnership, we are working collaboratively with the whole MOL’s organisation – from procurement, to sales and logistics. The additional benefit of our partnership with MOL Group is an easier collaboration with our converter community.” said Rinus de Kok, Commercial Director at PRS.

“This is a major shift for MOL Group, moving from a position of a buyer to becoming a fully-active player in the circular economy. Besides very important environmental sustainability, we significantly improved our operational sustainability as well as the quality of our packaging material what is appreciated by the customers and also logistic employees.” said Tomáš Marek, a representative of MOL Downstream Petchem Logistics.

Bence Körmendi, MOL Group’s Petrochemicals Business Unit director, said: “Circularity in our complex supply chain is the only way forward for MOL Group as it helps reduce our environmental impact at a time when many multinational organisations are committing to more sustainable approaches. PRS has a strong legacy over many years of working collaboratively and cost-effectively in the pan-European circular economy - experience that makes them a reliable business partner.”

About PRS

PRS provides sustainable, cost-effective pallet pooling services to the polymer industry across Europe. A polymer sector platform, working together with most of the major polymer producers and converters, PRS works across the entire European polymer supply chain. PRS operates a Europe-wide network of service centres to dispatch, recover and refurbish reusable pallets. Focused on sustainability, waste reduction and re-use, PRS combines service and reliability whilst contributing to the polymer sector’s increasingly high-priority sustainability goals.

PRS is part of Faber Halbertsma Group, a family owned company, offering effective circular pooling networks across Europe. The group consists of several specialist pooling businesses (IPP, PAKi Logistics, PRS and vPOOL), and a sustainable timber supplier (Satim). Our pooling networks operate extensive circular economy systems using reusable handling assets across Europe, for a wide variety of sectors.

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