Maleic Anhydride

Maleic Anhydride

Maleic Anhydride (MAN, 2.5-furan-dion) is the anhydride of the simplest unsaturated dihydric carboxylic acid. It is a white, aromatic, crystalline, highly hygroscopic substance that is soluble in water while forming maleic acid. It also sublimates upon heating. It is suitable for polyester and polyalkide resins’ manufacturers, producers of varnishes, plasticizers, copolymers and lubricants.






How can you order MAN and how can it be delivered?

MSA is produced by MOL Group in Danube Refinery (Százhalombatta, Hungary). MOL Group offers it in two forms: molten or solid (pastille). We deliver molten product in containers by insulated and heated road tank trucks. Hereby, minimum ordered volume is 1 truck load (ca. 19-24 tons net). Solid product can be transported either by rail tank or by road tank lorry. Minimum ordered volume is 1 ton, which equals 1 pallet. Pallets are packed in polyethylene bags of 25 kg each or in foil, a unit of 1000 kg each.


Why to choose MOL Group’s maleic anhydride?

We apply high safety standards during the production process, as well as during transportation and provide you with cost-efficient and environmentally friendly MAN product.

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