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Innovation together

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MOL Petchem R&D today

  • 13 Polyolefin experts (∑ 200 year experience)
  • 20 years of industrial experience
  • 700 m2 Scientific Laboratories

Downstream R&D organisation chart


Petchem Product Development in close cooperation with Product Stewardship Slovnaft

The organisation is under the professional control of the Global Research & Development and Innovation Manager.

Performs the product development and support activities in polyolefin value chain. It is responsible for Group-level collection and analyses of available technical information and adaptation of changes in related legislation, standards and regulations. It elaborates products declarations for customers in accordance with regulations and legislative norms. It initiates, performs product development actions, and creates product quality forecast for current and future polyolefin product portfolio. It represents polyolefin lines interest in international and domestic professional organisation. It manages/executes the business-driven global product development plans, additive package development, and new recipes development. It manages product development projects which aim at new product development or modification of existing products regarding TIPPLEN/TATREN polypropylene, TIPOLEN/BRALEN+ and TIPELIN polyethylene products. It cooperates closely with our polyolefin licensors (Grace and LyondellBasell) in case of testing and introducing the newest catalyst technology. It provides product quality expertise, technical background for customers’ requests, preventive-corrective troubleshooting activities for problem free operation of whole polyolefin value chain (e.g. technical support of newly developed products market introduction, support of customers' trials). It manages internal/external competence development training (university education, conferences, customer and visitor information, and talent programs). 

Our main partners are:

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • John Von Neumann University Kecskemét
  • Norner AS
  • ITC – Institute for Testing and Certification CZ-Zlín
  • VÚRUP a.s.

Petchem Experiment Center

Maintaining state-of-the-art laboratory measuring facility. Committed to the renewal of R&D laboratory equipment. Our goal is to meet the requirements of our customers at high standards; including up-to-date key instruments, servicing more precise results in the course of product development, and investigation of customer needs. Petchem Experiment Center uses R&D related measuring facilities for the tasks as follows:

  1. Supporting R&D projects to meet customer demands (high-quality polyolefin grades and competitive product portfolio orientated to customers)
  2. Troubleshooting technical issues (processing technical questions, determining the causes of quality-related discrepancies experienced by our customers) concerning our polyolefin products
  3. Execution of measuring needs of our customers concerning polyolefin products and base materials (analysis of parameters, comparative investigations, and evaluation) 
  4. Solving technical problems at MOL Group’s petrochemical plants (enhance operational reliability) improving the continuous supply of products to our customers