Our investments

Our investments


The single largest organic investment in the history of MOL Group

MOL Petrochemicals is expanding with the construction of a new polyol complex that is unique in its region.

This EUR 1.2 billion development in Tiszaújváros is the largest single organic investment in the history of MOL Group. The plant will use the most advanced, safest and most environmentallyfriendly technology currently available on the market to produce this versatile material.

Polyol is an innovative and highly sought-after commodity chemical, for which the demand will continue to grow in the upcoming decades. lt is the base component of polyurethane, a polymer used by various industries including the construction, insulation, furniture manufacturing, automotive and textile industries. Polyol production will begin within a few years.

This will make MOL Group the first company in the CEE region to have a fully-integrated value chain from crude oil to polyol production.

The polyol complex will be one of the flagship investments of the MOL Group 2030 Enter Tomorrow strategy, transforming MOL Group from fuels to chemicals to become the first choice of investors and customers. This highlights our commitment and contribution to the growth of the Hungarian economy.



The project in figures

  • Construction on the EUR 1.2 BILLION plant started in 2018 and will be completed by thyssenkrupp in 2021.
  • The complex's capacity will reach 200,000 TONNES annually.
  • The petrochemicals complex will be automated and run on state-of-the-art technologies, while providing jobs to a QUALIFIED STAFF OF 200.
  • MOL Group will invest USD 4.5 BILLION in the regional petrochemical business development by 2030.
  • The Hungarian state supported the project with EUR 131 MILLION.


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